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S family

Photographing this family is always so special as they were my very first official clients way  back when!  I love to catch up and see how much the kids have grown!

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T’s family …

It is the biggest compliment for me to have a client refer me to their family and friends, to have shared the experience they had with me and want that for others.  I photographed Tammy’s sister Angie {here}  and was excited to then have the opportunity to spend the afternoon with her and her family.

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B family

It is always so great to reconnect with friends from highschool, and I was thrilled when Arin contacted me to photograph her beautiful family.

I really do enjoy spending time with families and photographing them together.  I believe it is so important to capture the small inbetween moments, the ones that you’ll look back on and hopefully remember something about that time in life you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Finding the right location is also an important part of bringing together the whole feel, style, and look to a session.  When I first talked to Arin about her session, she told me that the Rudy Johnson Bridge was built by her Grandfather and that she would love to have her photos there, I was so excited it was the perfect backdrop.

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C family

What a fun family, I really enjoyed spending this rainy afternoon with them!  Plus the golden light after rain is so beautiful and was well worth waiting out the weather for.


{I am excited about a surprise blog post I have planned for next week!  Check back daily for the news }

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a little bit about me ……

When I was creating my new website I really wanted my “about me” pages to give a clear idea of my personality and who I am so that clients would know pretty quickly if I would be the right fit for them!

I thought it would be fun to share a few more random bits….



1. Before I was a full-time photographer, I was an aesthetician~ super fun and exciting work.

I especially enjoyed the brides I got to work with and the wedding makeup I would do.  Funnily enough I was always a little sad when I was done and off the bride would go to the ceremony.  I felt like I was missing out on something…. it was how I knew that I would LOVE wedding photography~ being able to spend the entire exciting day capturing every well planned exciting detail!  Plus my makeup skills have come in handy a time or two ;)


2.  I hate spiders!  It’s even hard for me to type the word~ lol.  It is my biggest challenge as a Mum to remain calm and collected when the kids are around and I see one.  I am trying my hardest not to pass that gem of a trait along.


3.  The second bay of our garage has turn into my prop storage!  I am always on the lookout for a great new find, anything from blankets and chandeliers to vintage boxes and antique beds.  I am fortunate (although my husband may not agree) now that people even will call me with ideas, thoughts, and offers for items they have or have seen.


4.  I love mushroom soup, but have to strain out the mushrooms!


5.  My husband is the first and only guy I’ve ever asked out on a date, pretty good track record I think ;)


A blogpost just isn’t the same without a few photos, here are a few from our family session in the fall :)

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West family

I was so honoured to have spent an afternoon with this incredibly beautiful and amazing family!  Sometimes I am at a loss for words when I am trying to describe how much I love what I do!

So I will leave this post short and sweet and full of fantastic people!

Posted on: February 20th, 2012 by Leslie

How to dress for a session….

Probably the most asked question and what causes the most stress for an upcoming photo session is “what to wear.”  While it may seem silly to stress about clothing choices, it really is such an important part of a session and can make a world of difference in how your images turn out.

Some people have a knack for putting together a collection of outfits, and can seamlessly combine strips and plaid in orange, green and pink.  For others it isn’t that easy and becomes stressful, especially if you have limited resources or budget for shopping.  For those that have trouble the simplest way I can explain it is to:

1st ~ choose 1 main/staple colour, whether it is grey, navy, brown etc…. then

2nd ~ choose 1 or 2 accent colours, yellow, red, green etc…

Especially if you are having family photos, with multiple adults, this is an easy guideline for everyone to follow.   You want to make sure everyone goes together without being too matchy matchy!

Here is an awesome family session that I photographed this winter for the Thompson family.  They chose grey as their main colour, then navy and turquoise as accent.  It didn’t matter who was together in a photo, they looked great, and as a group they rocked it!

{you can’t tell here, but one of the sons even had these fantastic turquoise sketchers on too!}

{It is really important to have that pop of colour too, it just gives the image some depth and interest.}

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magical forest barbie tea party

Happy Valentines!

I thought this post would be fitting today~ the first of two posts from Olivia’s 6th birthday party back in August.

~party dresses, pretty flowers, heart shaped waffles and fancy tea cups~

I really wanted to create a magical girly birthday party for her this past year.  She is such a mix of girly girl, barbies, and 6-year old fancieness~ as well as get messy, outside, true little farm girl.  It’s hard to know which way she’ll lean towards in the future, I am thrilled to have been able to do this while I still could!

I was so pleased when it all came together (the weather was a little dicey at the last minute!), and I couldn’t have even come close with out the help of my fantastically wonderful in-laws.

Part II to follow later on this week :)

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Brand new miracle …..

This wasn’t the blog I had planned for Monday, but after my amazing night I just had to share a little glimpse into it!

I was extremely honoured to be invited to photograph the birth of Eric and Crystal’s baby.  There aren’t enough words to describe how incredible it is to be at a birth~ such an amazing emotional roller coaster and one that never gets old :)

I will post this session again with more from the day long journey they had to get to this point, but in the mean time here are just a few snippets from my night…


and thank you Eric, for taking a shot of me with sweet little Aiden Gerald!

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J family

I remember being friends with Angie way back in the early years of elementary school, her family moved away and it wasn’t until we worked together a few years ago that I realized we had been friends way back when~ funny how that can happen!

I am always nervous before a photography session, and not in a “I don’t know if I can do this” way, but more of an “excited anticipation of what the session will hold” way and to see how everything we have collaborated on comes together.  My nerves are always at an all-time high when I photograph friends, and I’m sure part of that is because they’ll see me doing all my goofy tricks to ensure genuine real smiles :)  Although, the anticipation is always the worst, as I am in my happy place to be behind the camera and once I’m in that mode it’s all business baby!!

I love watching families interact and being able to capture the small “in between moments” is a key part of what I strive to provide for clients.  A wise old-souled friend once told me that if I wasn’t nervous anymore, I should probably pack it in and retire.  That being nervous was a sign that I cared enough to want to ensure I did a great job for each and every client.  I feel better with that explanation, and I hope I never loose the butterflies that I now welcome before a session.


Well I’m officially on a roll now!



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