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Christy …maternity

I am really enjoying all the maternity sessions I’ve been photographing in my studio the past couple of months!

I was sad to find out that Christy was moving back to Alberta shortly after baby’s arrival, but I was excited that I would get to meet little missy before that.

Check back on Friday for teeny tiny Mya’s newborn photos :)

Posted on: April 4th, 2012 by Leslie

Gorgeous Wai …..maternity

This was such a beautiful maternity session.  Wai had such a vision for her session, and unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate this day, we did however manage to get out again and while the weather still didn’t really cooperate we forged ahead and captured some amazing images!  I’ll post those next week :)

I am so excited for all the newborn sessions I have coming up in April and May!  I am thrilled to be able to photograph newborns and maternity session easily all year round now, especially since the winter months here in Williams Lake have decided to continue on into March!  Don’t get me wrong, my first love will always be outdoor sessions but there is something simply elegant and timeless about a maternity session in studio!

Posted on: March 27th, 2012 by Leslie

Whitewater Cooks with friends….. winner

So technical difficulties this morning prevented me from posting my little winners video here!  And by technical difficulties I mean I have no flippen clue how to post a video on my blog!! lol

So I’ve uploaded it over on Leslie Rowse Photography facebook page and please check it out, I thought it was the fairest (and cutest) way to choose a winner!!

This was so much fun, and I loved reading everyone favourite movies, so many of them I hadn’t even heard of and a few were my favourites too!  My favourite cheesy old school movie is Blades of Steel, the movie that I’ve laughed the hardest at was The Hangover and the I’ve seen the most (although not in the last few years) is probably Titanic.

So back to the winner, Dawson pulled #3 and that means Christina Lambe wins the cookbook.

I loved doing this, although I have to admit I felt a little stressed not being able to give away 21 copies!  I would much rather allocate my advertising budget this way and share a few things that I love.

And because I’ve had the extreme fortune to photograph one of the nicest people I went to highschool with :) Here was my favourite image from Christina’s maternity session last year

Posted on: March 1st, 2012 by Leslie 2 Comments

gorgeous mrs R ….. maternity

Crystal has been such a special client for me, always my biggest cheerleader and she was one of my first sessions ever.  During it I remember her mentioning this great new guy in her life and how excited she was….  fast forward a few years and  I was then fortunate enough to photograph Crystal and Eric’s engagement, a few more years and here we are at the maternity session.  Through all those sessions I don’t think I’ve even seen her so radiant and beautiful as I did when she was expecting!  Absolutely stunning, I can’t wait to photograph you with your new little bundle.

Posted on: February 29th, 2012 by Leslie 2 Comments