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Not Just Skin Deep …..

Remember back when I said I had met some amazing photographers through online forums?  Well one of them is Kelly Gemmell of Kelly Gemmell Photography.  We haven’t actually met but she’s one of those warm kind people that you just know you could sit and chat for hours over coffee,… or wine ;)

Kelly battled cancer last year and won!  Since then she has created an amazing organization that is bringing together photographers from Ontario and British Columbia to work together to raise $10,000 in one afternoon.  I am so honoured to be able to team up with her and other photographers across Canada to help raise awareness and funds to fight this devastating disease.

Please take a minute to check out the “Not Just Skin Deep” website, especially the “Dear 16-year old Me” video.

I am going to plan my afternoon of sessions on May 26th, the same day as the Ontario photographers who are going to have a super fun day working together!

There will be 5 spots, each session will be 20 minutes, cost $100 and offer 5 full resolution digital files to each client.

100% of the proceeds will be donated to the David Cornfield Melanoma Fund.

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magical forest barbie tea party

Happy Valentines!

I thought this post would be fitting today~ the first of two posts from Olivia’s 6th birthday party back in August.

~party dresses, pretty flowers, heart shaped waffles and fancy tea cups~

I really wanted to create a magical girly birthday party for her this past year.  She is such a mix of girly girl, barbies, and 6-year old fancieness~ as well as get messy, outside, true little farm girl.  It’s hard to know which way she’ll lean towards in the future, I am thrilled to have been able to do this while I still could!

I was so pleased when it all came together (the weather was a little dicey at the last minute!), and I couldn’t have even come close with out the help of my fantastically wonderful in-laws.

Part II to follow later on this week :)

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A perfect blog post for Sunday morning!  Waffles are a weekend staple in our house, I found this recipe online years ago, and it came from an early seventies waffles maker.  It is a fantastic recipe, super fluffy and light, the secret is in the eggs!  Separating the yolks and whites then whipping the egg whites to stiff peaks and folding them in makes a big difference in how they turn out.

While this recipe is delicious and awesome, it does create a little extra dish washing!!  You’ll need 3 bowls.

Bowl 1 {sift together}

1 3/4 cup flour

2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

1 tbsp sugar

Bowl 2: {whip with beaters}

3 egg whites

Bowl 3: (mix together)

3 egg yolks

1 1/2 cups milk

7 tbsp oil

Pour bowl 2 into bowl 3 and mix well.  Once they are blended fold in the egg whites, then scoop into the waffle iron.


and voila~ perfect fluffy yet crispy waffles!

Happy Sunday :)

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Traditions…. …sleigh riding

“Traditions” {sang in my best Tevya voice from the Fiddler on the Roof} I love them.  I am such a creature of habit especially if I find something that I love, whether it’s a vacation spot or recipe.

I love Christmas, and along with the traditions of opening 1 present Christmas Eve and staying in our pj’s the entire next day, I LOVE when the weather cooperates and we are able to spend the day out at the Murphy’s ranch.  They are gracious enough to invite us out every year for hotdog roasts and sleigh rides.  It was such a treat this year to have my extended family out from Alberta, my Aunt and Uncle and cousin with her new family.

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Luxe Box

You know that friend you have that always has cool things, neat ideas and all around fantastic taste!  For me that friend is Jacqueline Lahaise.  I love getting together and talking about all things wonderful~ from coffee to nailpolish and cooking to Ryan Gosling (because well he fits into almost every category!!)

Jacqueline has an awesome blog where you too can get tips on everything from makeup to event planning and everything in between.

Anyways, Jac introduced me to LUXE box and I loved the sound of it!!  A monthly parcel full of samples (and some full sizes) of luxery items chosen just for you.

For Christmas my lovely Dad bought me a year subscription.


I love it!  Right down to the sticker that says “made for leslie”, man does this company know how to brand themselves!

If you’d like to check out luxebox here is the site:

(with my referral code, it you refer 3 friends you’ll get 1 month free :)

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happy halloween…. paper bag princess and her dragon

The paper bag princess is a great book and I love the message (especially for princess-crazed Olivia!).

My favourite page is:

Ronald said “Elizabeth your hair is all dirty, your clothes are all burnt and you smell like a dragon, come back and rescue me when you are cleaned up.”

So Elizabeth said “Ronald your hair is nice, and your clothes are nice and you look like a prince, but Ronald you are a bum!”

And they didn’t get married after all.


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Dawson is 3 {happy birthday}

Man three years have flown by, Dawson is turning 3 on Saturday!!  He and I spent a lovely evening taking his 3 year photos down an old dirt road of Manitoba, both of our favourite place to be!


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