How to dress for a session….

Probably the most asked question and what causes the most stress for an upcoming photo session is “what to wear.”  While it may seem silly to stress about clothing choices, it really is such an important part of a session and can make a world of difference in how your images turn out.

Some people have a knack for putting together a collection of outfits, and can seamlessly combine strips and plaid in orange, green and pink.  For others it isn’t that easy and becomes stressful, especially if you have limited resources or budget for shopping.  For those that have trouble the simplest way I can explain it is to:

1st ~ choose 1 main/staple colour, whether it is grey, navy, brown etc…. then

2nd ~ choose 1 or 2 accent colours, yellow, red, green etc…

Especially if you are having family photos, with multiple adults, this is an easy guideline for everyone to follow.   You want to make sure everyone goes together without being too matchy matchy!

Here is an awesome family session that I photographed this winter for the Thompson family.  They chose grey as their main colour, then navy and turquoise as accent.  It didn’t matter who was together in a photo, they looked great, and as a group they rocked it!

{you can’t tell here, but one of the sons even had these fantastic turquoise sketchers on too!}

{It is really important to have that pop of colour too, it just gives the image some depth and interest.}

Posted on: February 15th, 2012 by Leslie

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