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I remember being friends with Angie way back in the early years of elementary school, her family moved away and it wasn’t until we worked together a few years ago that I realized we had been friends way back when~ funny how that can happen!

I am always nervous before a photography session, and not in a “I don’t know if I can do this” way, but more of an “excited anticipation of what the session will hold” way and to see how everything we have collaborated on comes together.  My nerves are always at an all-time high when I photograph friends, and I’m sure part of that is because they’ll see me doing all my goofy tricks to ensure genuine real smiles :)  Although, the anticipation is always the worst, as I am in my happy place to be behind the camera and once I’m in that mode it’s all business baby!!

I love watching families interact and being able to capture the small “in between moments” is a key part of what I strive to provide for clients.  A wise old-souled friend once told me that if I wasn’t nervous anymore, I should probably pack it in and retire.  That being nervous was a sign that I cared enough to want to ensure I did a great job for each and every client.  I feel better with that explanation, and I hope I never loose the butterflies that I now welcome before a session.


Well I’m officially on a roll now!



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