Luxe Box

You know that friend you have that always has cool things, neat ideas and all around fantastic taste!  For me that friend is Jacqueline Lahaise.  I love getting together and talking about all things wonderful~ from coffee to nailpolish and cooking to Ryan Gosling (because well he fits into almost every category!!)

Jacqueline has an awesome blog where you too can get tips on everything from makeup to event planning and everything in between.

Anyways, Jac introduced me to LUXE box and I loved the sound of it!!  A monthly parcel full of samples (and some full sizes) of luxery items chosen just for you.

For Christmas my lovely Dad bought me a year subscription.


I love it!  Right down to the sticker that says “made for leslie”, man does this company know how to brand themselves!

If you’d like to check out luxebox here is the site:

(with my referral code, it you refer 3 friends you’ll get 1 month free :)

Posted on: February 2nd, 2012 by Leslie

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