music festival …. first year

I spent this morning with Olivia at the music festival for her first time playing the violin.  As I sat there is seemed like yesterday that I was waiting for my name to be called up for my first time to play the piano, I remember be so nervous!

She breezed through breakfast like it was any other morning, her upcoming song didn’t seemed to be on her mind at all, she was more concerned with her “accessories” for her outfit.  She was the first one up and sailed up there like a pro, announced her name and song title and played her song so well and even remembered to bow.  I couldn’t have been more proud of her.  If I thought I was nervous way back when it was my turn to play I had no idea it would be 10 X’s as hard to watch my own daughter be up there in front of an Adjudicator and audience.  She sat and waited for her turn to be adjudicated and even went back up when he wanted her to try her song again with a little tweak.


When she was finished she had received her silver sticker on her award, she was mostly concerned with whether the silver was real, “you know Mum, like the stuff they dig in the ground for…”  sorry no it unfortunately isn’t real… lol.  ”Well that’s OK, really I’m going to try for gold next year anyways….”


We decided we needed to go and celebrate with an early lunch and hot chocolate at the Gecko tree.

Great job Olivia, I am so proud of you!  You have accomplished something a lot of people never will do.  xo


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  1. Jacqueline says:

    Currently wiping tears from my eyes. This post lies well outside of my 4-7 tearless comfort zone! SO proud of O!!!! And for you! I would have been a basket case too! Sending a few big WOOT WOOTS and fist pumps her way!!!