Oscar party 2012

I started to explain a little bit about my first annual Oscar party here, it was such a fun and glamourous evening!  My Mum said it best when she described it as her version of the Superbowl!

The rules for the evening were to come in pajamas, bring your favouirte $20 beauty item, and a tasty appetizer.

Cosmo’s were on tap, and a perfect all around drink!

Before the awards started everyone went around and shared their beauty gift.  I had to share my Mum demonstrating her product~ lol.

The Thursday before Jacqueline and I spent a fun evening making little take home gifts~ what’s a party with-out a goody bag!  We tackled the wild world of macaroons, and while a little finicky the weren’t nearly as hard as I had thought.

Posted on: March 3rd, 2012 by Leslie 1 Comment

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  1. Jacqueline says:

    1) We are SO doing this again next year
    2) Your mum is absolutely right! This IS our lady version of a Superbowl Party!!
    3) Your mum is also the funniest ~ demonstrating the many things you can do with an exercise band. Cracks me up.
    4) And that last picture ~ some of my favourite gals in the whole wide world!!