S family

Photographing this family is always so special as they were my very first official clients way  back when!  I love to catch up and see how much the kids have grown!

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Tiffani and Brody … engagement

Here is a small glimpse into one of my most favourite engagement sessions from last fall.  Everything came together perfectly, the weather held out and Tiffani and Brody were amazing to photograph.  I can’t wait to see all their wedding plans come together and spend the day with them this summer!

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T’s family …

It is the biggest compliment for me to have a client refer me to their family and friends, to have shared the experience they had with me and want that for others.  I photographed Tammy’s sister Angie {here}  and was excited to then have the opportunity to spend the afternoon with her and her family.

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A busy weekend …..

Well I am quite pleased with myself for staying on track for almost 30 days (I just had to count and I’m at day 26 already!) of blogging.  It’s not an easy thing for me (at least it wasn’t too start) writing freaks me out~ always has~ I get anxious and stressed when I have to write something.  It seems overwhelming for me so my defence is to just throw lots of big words in ridiculous run on sentences and hope something sticks!  I am amazed when people can so eloquently and smoothly write, I believe it is a real talent.  Along with struggling to find the words I am a terrible speller, fortunately I am very aware of that and over cautious to the point where I am constantly checking and double checking.

Photography is an ever evolving craft and that is a large part of what I love about it.  There are so many ways to learn, improve, network and better myself and I feel so strongly about being able to grow and continue to offer a better service and product for my clients.  I spent the better part of this weekend watching and interacting a 3-day online seminar, it was amazing and inspiring.  I am excited for the future of my business.

Here is a glimpse of one of my gorgeous wedding albums from one of 2011′s amazing wedding.  It is a handcrafted Italian leather (and by Italian I mean they actually build it in an Italian castle!) with a crystal acrylic cover that makes the front image a piece of artwork on its own.

When I am designing and working with the couple to put together their album, choosing album features that reflect the sprit of their wedding day, I can’t help but imagine the generations that will hold this album and flip through each page.  It is an investment that will be cherished for decades.

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Oscar party 2012

I started to explain a little bit about my first annual Oscar party here, it was such a fun and glamourous evening!  My Mum said it best when she described it as her version of the Superbowl!

The rules for the evening were to come in pajamas, bring your favouirte $20 beauty item, and a tasty appetizer.

Cosmo’s were on tap, and a perfect all around drink!

Before the awards started everyone went around and shared their beauty gift.  I had to share my Mum demonstrating her product~ lol.

The Thursday before Jacqueline and I spent a fun evening making little take home gifts~ what’s a party with-out a goody bag!  We tackled the wild world of macaroons, and while a little finicky the weren’t nearly as hard as I had thought.

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B family

It is always so great to reconnect with friends from highschool, and I was thrilled when Arin contacted me to photograph her beautiful family.

I really do enjoy spending time with families and photographing them together.  I believe it is so important to capture the small inbetween moments, the ones that you’ll look back on and hopefully remember something about that time in life you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Finding the right location is also an important part of bringing together the whole feel, style, and look to a session.  When I first talked to Arin about her session, she told me that the Rudy Johnson Bridge was built by her Grandfather and that she would love to have her photos there, I was so excited it was the perfect backdrop.

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Whitewater Cooks with friends….. winner

So technical difficulties this morning prevented me from posting my little winners video here!  And by technical difficulties I mean I have no flippen clue how to post a video on my blog!! lol

So I’ve uploaded it over on Leslie Rowse Photography facebook page and please check it out, I thought it was the fairest (and cutest) way to choose a winner!!

This was so much fun, and I loved reading everyone favourite movies, so many of them I hadn’t even heard of and a few were my favourites too!  My favourite cheesy old school movie is Blades of Steel, the movie that I’ve laughed the hardest at was The Hangover and the I’ve seen the most (although not in the last few years) is probably Titanic.

So back to the winner, Dawson pulled #3 and that means Christina Lambe wins the cookbook.

I loved doing this, although I have to admit I felt a little stressed not being able to give away 21 copies!  I would much rather allocate my advertising budget this way and share a few things that I love.

And because I’ve had the extreme fortune to photograph one of the nicest people I went to highschool with :) Here was my favourite image from Christina’s maternity session last year

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gorgeous mrs R ….. maternity

Crystal has been such a special client for me, always my biggest cheerleader and she was one of my first sessions ever.  During it I remember her mentioning this great new guy in her life and how excited she was….  fast forward a few years and  I was then fortunate enough to photograph Crystal and Eric’s engagement, a few more years and here we are at the maternity session.  Through all those sessions I don’t think I’ve even seen her so radiant and beautiful as I did when she was expecting!  Absolutely stunning, I can’t wait to photograph you with your new little bundle.

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David and Sarah ….. wedding

Often with out of town wedding clients we don’t have a chance to meet until the day before and sometimes it’s the day of the wedding.

I was so excited to finally meet Sarah and David the evening before their wedding, we had chatted so much before that I felt like we knew eachother and I couldn’t have been more right, their wedding felt like spending the day with old friends!

I was thrilled that they chose to have a private moment in the “first look”, it really is an amazing opportunity for the bride and groom to see each other secretly before the ceremony.

I was very honoured to be invited to capture this amazing day, I love the roller coaster of emotions a wedding brings.


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My favourite things….. giveaway

Last night I hosted an oscar party with the ever fabulous Jacqueline from the JAC of all trades.  I will definitely blog about the whole evening, but today I’m just going to share one of my favourite parts.

Everyone was to bring their favourite $20 luxury beauty product and the winners from the oscar ballot contest would go home with all the loot!

I loved seeing what everyone brought, different products that you never would have used or chosen before~ everything from boutique hand lotion, to night cream, makeup.

That had me thinking of my favourite things and how when something works for you and you love it you just want to share them with friends.  I feel so fortunate to have a small platform that people actually read, lol.  I’m always surprised when I’m out and about and someone will mention having read something on my blog (and that it’s not my Mum or bestfriend!)

So in the spirit of “my favourite things” and wanting to say thank you to all my lovely and faithful blog readers I would love to giveaway one of my favourite!

If you read my post last week you’ll be familiar with this cookbook.  My ever-so-smart sister gave me the first one and I instantly fell in love, the recipes are delicious and are only made better by the beautiful photography!  I have since collected all three :)

I am excited to give away Whitewater Cooks with Friends to one reader.

So now for the fine print :)

Only two steps!

1~ “like” my facebook page

2~ leave a comment on this post with your favourite movie title

Bonus entries

1~ update your facebook status with my giveaway, then come back and post again that you shared.

contest closes Wednesday evening and I’ll post the randomly chosen winner Thursday morning.


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