welcome to the world pacey jane {birth}

I feel there is no way for me to perfectly articulate how incredible it was to be invited to photograph such an amazing and momentous occasion.  I was so honoured and excited to be present at Pacey Jane’s entrance into the world, one day earlier than anticipated.  This was my first birth photography experience and I was so thrilled to be there.


Posted on: April 8th, 2011 by Leslie 7 Comments

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  1. Christina says:

    And we were SO thrilled and lucky to have you there with us! I LOVE these AMAZING pictures and can’t stop watching the slideshow. Thank you thank you THANK YOU! :)

  2. Leah Wood says:

    Great job loved all the pictures. Welcome Pacey :)

  3. Jennilyn says:

    Congratulations to Pacey Jane’s new family!! These photos are a beautiful capture of Pacey’s family welcoming her to the world! Good job Leslie! Keep on doing what you’re doing!

  4. Amber Black says:

    OMG Leslie!!! These images are beautiful!! I got a little choked up as it brought back powerful memories of when my two were born. Congratulations to the happy family on such a beautiful, healthy baby!

  5. Lisa Seyfried says:

    So amazing to see it from that perspective! Thanks for sharing these special photos.

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  7. Heather Rankin says:

    I agree with Amber’s comment. I think it stirs memories in all of us . You certainly captured the moments Leslie; from waiting for the birth, to the coming together of the family!