what a great weekend {photography conference}

I spent this past weekend in Vancouver admist some of the more inspirational photographers in North America.  That is a pretty big statement to make, but after spending an entire day with Joe Busink you can’t help but come away inspired motivated and renewed.  You may not recognize his name but his clients include Jennifer Lopez, Christina Applegate and Christina Agrulara, Steve Speilberg, Kelsey Grammar, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kelli Pickler, and Carrie Underwood… just to name a few.  He was so open and willing to share his knowledge of the wedding industry.

While has Joe rocked the industry for the past 15 years, starting when he was 45, Jamie Delaine started her wedding photography career when she was 17!!  And now 3 short years later is one of Vancouver’s premier wedding photographers.  Her fresh outlook and emphasis on being yourself and dreaming the biggest life you can imagine was very inspirational.

Another great part of my time away was meeting the women who created and launched Helping Hearts.  We spent part of Sunday shooting two wonderful families as well as working with a videographer to create a promotional video.  I can’t wait to see how it turns out and to share it with you (hopefully this weekend).


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